Some old stuff…

So i considered whether i should bring old stuff to the new blog, but I’m proud of my work..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Current mood: reflective

He loves me.
Every time.
We are apart, I feel an ache
In my heart.
You are there always.
I love you
But you arent aware
Of my glances or long stares
Happily excited by
The way
You say my name
Bass softly
Sweetly. Repeatedly.
Your mouth mere centimeters from my
Thats it.
You call just to say hello
A smile spreads slowly slowly across my face.
You woo me. You court me.
You tease me.

Lord knows you please me.
You start slowly and sweetly. I am tingly
Your fingers walk gently about my stomach.
Round and round and round and round you go.
With a purpose.
Although we are quiet,
I imagine your only goal is to enjoy me.
Mentally. Physically.Emotionally.
Fingertips poised to capture my love.
The warmth of your hands.
I feel your fingerprints.
(Who needs the police department?)
With one kiss I am weak and wet.
I want to devour you because I
Love you.
I love you.
Every single inch of you. I love you.
Ignite me.
You invite me
You co-write me.
And we are a best seller. At the top of every list.
No you dont finish my sentences.
No you dont know my thoughts before I say them.
You just are.
You are there.
You are wise and aware.
You know my heart and have the
keys to my soul.
Incite me to chorus.
La da da da da da daaaaa
You are different and special in every
Way imaginable.
You love me.
And treat me like a queen. My heart knows. my spirit knows. My soul knows.
My body knows this is different.
My toes know to curl when you
touch me. They love you.
My stomach knows to unleash the butterflies when you call. It loves you.
My fingertips love you.
You incite me to chorus.
La da da da da da daaaaa
Just me…
Current mood: Blessed

So below I will post some poems I’ve been working on. They don’t mean that much to you readers, most likely, but they are random feelings in my spirit. They have no particular order or date relationship, they just exist in my being. Enjoy what you will…

You love me.
The words have yet to escape your lips, but I
The way you think of me during the day.
On your own.
There was no “hello” phone call.
No one knows about us, so no one reminded you.
But you thought of me.
On your own.
You love me.
The words have yet to escape your lips, but I
They way you take care of me.
What do you need? You ask.
With genuine interest and sincerity.
Are you cold?
Do you want another drink? (Yes, I know your motives)
I sit at the bar and look for a place to deposit my loose ashes.
“I got you,” you say, as you bring me a tray.
You love me.
The words have yet to escape your lips, but I
The way you…
Looking back at this poem, I realize that is an appropriate way to end it and makes it very dramatic, but I am still working on it….

I will post this and come back with some more poetry in another blog….


~ by justme1a on July 30, 2007.

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