Through With It

So yesterday was rough. (How could a person be so wrong about the idea of a SoulMate?) But the song that was on my mind when my eyes opened this morning was Destiny’s Child’s “If.”
If I Don’t Pick Up The Phone Like I Use To (For You)
Don’t You take It Personal

If I Don’t Do I All The Things That I Use To (To You)
I Ain’t Mad At You

If You Get To Feeling Stressed Up In Your Chest Thinking
That You About To Lose (It’s True)
And If you losing Out On Sleep Home Worrying About Me Ohhhhhh
This How It Be

If You Don’t No
Now you Know You Going To Miss
My Love
And I Ain’t Not Stressing Bout A Dawg On Thang
Cause I was True When I Gave You
My Love (My Love Yeahhh)

If You Search You Will Never Find Another Love Like My Love
You going To Miss Me I Ain’t Got Time While You Sit Around
And Play With my Love (My Love)

If You Think I Caught A Feeling When I Heard About That Other Chick
(Noooooo) I Already New
About It

I Just Needed Time Just To Clear My Mind And Ask Myself (Why I Didn’t Handle It)

And If You Would’ve Taken care Of Home,’Stead Of Leaving Me Alone Cause I Would Be Right There
With You Taken Care Of You Steady loving You Like I Used To Do


There Was A Time I Blamed Myself
But I Can See So clearly Now Cause You Are Gone
That’s How I Spend All My Time When You Weren’t Home Playing Around With Them Raggedy Hafers
No More stressing, No more crying, No More Trying
I Would Rather be Alone
I’d Rather Be All By Myself
Because This Valuable Heart Of Mine Was Yours Until I Realize Finally Opened My Eyes

You See Ladies I No I Need It What Was I Thinking He Going To Miss Me When I’m Gone
I don’t know how to feel right now. Confusion about statements. One Black man put it in really simple terms. Asshole, he said. That should be enough. ***Currently playing in my atmosphere: “Through with Love”

I gave my heart to you
I gave up my friends like you said I should do
Put aside my smile for you
Threw out my dreams cause you said you didn’t approve
I gave my mind, compromise my life just to see I’d find
you were trying hold me back slowly throwing me off my track
disappointed again

Im through with love,
im through with it,
through with it (love)
im through with it,
through with it (love)
im through with it,
through with it (love)
i’m finally giving it up

Ive given it so much in the past(past)for a love i never had (had)

im through with it,
through with it (love)
im through with it,
through with it (love)
i’m finally giving it up

Oh, there you go, comparing me,
to every little model on the tv screen,
oh there you go, complaining to me, cause I wanna spend time with my family,
My esteem has gone down,
You never wanna take me out,
You make me feel dumb, And alone
I don’t know where to go.


I shared all my secrets with you
even when it hurt to have told the truth
paralyze my growth for you
I gave you control that felt helpless without you
Couldn’t have be your friend
we weren’t happy
misery loves company
you know this is love
If this is love I don’t want it any more


Why do I feel so empty?
I’m crying out for some stability
you destroy my many insecurities
I’m breaking down someone pray for me
He loves like no other not an ordinary love.
He stole my joy he stole my courage lord I need your love
I found a new love; I found new, found a new love
I finally found it in God


~ by justme1a on October 3, 2007.

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