When Someone Shows You Who They Are… (AKA Closure)

Believe them the first time.

I didn’t take my own advice, now, nearly eight years later, I’m regretting that.

Once an a-hole, always an a-hole. So, in tribute to him:

I had your back from the start.
I never once regretted meeting you.
I reveled in our love.
In your laughter.
I knew that no matter what, your heart would remain.
We would be forever, in some form or fashion.
Even post B, I was there.
I down-played the down talk.
Had your back still.
Nearly eight years later.
Still sticking up for you.
Being much more of a man than you.
I saw the God in you.
So today I tell you to stand on your own.
You don’t need me to have your back.
You showed me who you were in ’93.
It took until now for me.
To believe it.


~ by justme1a on July 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “When Someone Shows You Who They Are… (AKA Closure)”

  1. Ahh tis true sometimes we have to believe what we see and hear and not the fantasy we’ve created in our minds. Wrote a poem about it:


    Am I seeing you, really seeing you
    The true being that is you
    Or just wanting you, wanting you
    To be what is not you
    Do I know you really know you
    The way a woman knows her man
    Maybe just creating you creating you
    To be perfect in my plan
    Are you telling me telling me
    What I need to know
    Or just playing me playing me
    With no feelings to show
    Is seeing you,knowing you loving you?
    Or is seing you, knowing you hating you?
    Is denying me, trying me loving me?
    Or is denying me, trying me leaving me?

  2. Yeah, backs are heavy homie. He can handle that! 🙂
    Under the spell of love, we often see our partners through rose colored glasses. We see the beauty, the bright color, the amazing times – but we gotta stop wearing them stunna shades at night. lol
    Seriously, once you close the door, you leave room for opportunities of a lifetime. Don’t let memories of the past block todays sunshine.

  3. Yeah, sometimes our strengths can be our weaknesses. Loyal people are sometimes loyal to a fault. For people who are compassionate and love to exhort, it is hard to give up on someone. People like that see the potential and can really tell what it could be; that it is hard to let go. Eventually those strengths can lead true hope to false hope. Unfortunately, all we can do is hope because we can’t control the actions of others. But now that you got that distraction out the way, there is someone somewhere who really needs you to have their back and your efforts will not be fruitless or unappreciated. Keep walking.

  4. We see ish in our own time. Just be glad you recognized.

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