We don’t believe you, you need more people! AKA I don’t vote with my vagina…

John McCain is a sneaky bastard. Or so he thinks. I feel like his little trick is bound to backfire….

**I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter! Leave comments!


~ by justme1a on August 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “We don’t believe you, you need more people! AKA I don’t vote with my vagina…”

  1. It will only backfire if and when people start paying attention to content, not just context. During an NPR interview this morning the topic of the Clinton-Feminists vote was immediately broached when discussing McCain’s running mate of choice. If they can continue to gloss over policy and voting records and make this a purely superficial race then McCain will win. She’s a woman, she’s a “maverick” (what McCain ‘used to be’), she’s a feminist who just happens to be pro-life, etc…

    Oh, and BTW, McCain wants the dems and media to focus on her daughter’s pregnancy. Then they’ll have the “moral” upper-hand so don’t be surprised if you hear about it constantly even though Obama said it should be a non-issue.

  2. does anybody realize that no matter who the running mante is, McCain is still going to leave troops in Iraq [and eventually march them into Iran]? and hwy does every one make such a fuss about women in office. seriously, i do NOT mean this in an offensive way, women are JUST WOMEN. the differences between men and women in office are all purely superficial. so what her daughters pregnant… will that boost the economy? no. and no matter how u look at it, at the end of the day, her principles and goals in this office of VP would be the same whether she were a man or a woman.

    ps. i’m NOT an Obama supporter… RON PAUL for Prez… write him in, folks.

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